Tropical Amazon™ Organic Keratin Brand
Tropical Amazon™ Organic Keratin Brand
Tropical Amazon™ Organic Keratin Brand

Tropical Amazon™ Organic Keratin Brand

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 Tropical Amazon is a premium and elegant brand, with a deeply developed design and communication concept, and 3 different high-performance formulas validated by our team of excellence.

Developed as a world-class brand perfect for all types of hair for end customers and all beauty salons, it has 3 types of Brazilian Organic Keratin:

• Ultra Fast Keratin for Full Hair Straightening 
• Hair Smoothing Protein with Color Protection Technology
• Organic Botox for Hair Smoothing and Nutrition Treatment

In addition, the brand has an optimized Marketing and Sales structure, ready to plug in and start selling:

• Developed social media content
• Multi-language and multi-currency e-commerce
• International logistics structure
• Educational printed material (step-by-step on how to use it)
• Complete line catalog

When purchasing the Tropical Amazon™ Keratin Business Project, you can make adjustments to branding and product development (with additional costs):

• Minor design adjustments
• Change in product volume
• Add a home care treatment line
• Add a hair bleaching line

The brand already has registration, documentation, and an online domain, a guaranteed success business, ready to start selling and conquering the international cosmetics market.

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