Private Label Cosmetics

From product to marketing.

Your Cosmetics Business

Premium product and design.

World-Class Customization

Support on marketing, sales and international logistics.

Excellence in
Professional Cosmetics

High performance and quality.

Privatel Label Full-Service

Become an entrepreneur in the multi-billion Cosmetics market.

Your dream beauty business coming true

In simple steps, with a small investment, a full support of one of the largest cosmetics manufacturers in the world, wand a full dedicated product, marketing and sales team, you can have your own Professional Cosmetics brand in less than 45 days.

"How can I start my Professional Cosmetics Business today?"
From product to marketing, we got you.
Step 1
Choose your Cosmetics Products

From Brazilian Keratin Treatments to Hair Bleaching, Repairing and Nourishing, we provide you with State-of-Art Professional Hair Cosmetics. Zero Formaldehyde, Cruelty-Free, Vegan, Healthy and Guaranteed Quality Formulas.

Step 2
Customize your Unique Formula

Keratin, Arginine, Tannins, Biotin, Collagen, Brazilian Flora Oils and every trending cosmetics component available for you. Our Chemical team will develop your healthy, high-performance and safe formula exactly as you wish.*

Step 3
Approve your Premium, Elegant Branding & Design

From high-quality and unique packaging to a World-class naming, logo and product design, we guarantee a brand of global excellence, with the potential to become a world reference in terms of quality, appearance and brand-awareness.

Step 4
Let us run your Sales-Machine Marketing Strategy

Our Professional Cosmetics Specialized Marketing and Sales Team will develop your entire online structure to sell exponentially and grow global. Ready-to-sell E-commerce Website, high-performance Social Media, High Quality Audiovisual Content, Promotional Material and much more to sky-rocket your business.

We take care of International Documentation, Regulation & Registrations

We guarantee the full registration of your product with the responsible and regulatory international entities, allowing you to start selling as soon as you receive your products. FDA, CPNP, MSDS, CPS, Free Sales, Certificates, Quality Tests included and guaranteed.

Why develop your own branded beauty products?

Build a Scalable Business

Become a entrepreneur or reinforce your current business in a multi-billion dollar market, with consistent growth and a valuable purpose.

Start from 400%+ Profit Margins

When you develop your own brand, your margin is much higher as you buy directly from the manufacturer, increasing profits and growing your business.

Full Sales and Strategy Control

With our support, you have the full control over the sales strategy and distribution, being able to sell your products to any country in the world, for the price you want.

This is your moment.
Start your Beauty Empire today.
Provide the best hair care products in the world and build your dream business.

Talk to a Brand Consultant and start your Professional Cosmetics Business now.

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A global company

Who we are

The VItta Private is the Private Label arm of Vitta Gold Cosmetics, a world leading company in producing hair and skin cosmetics, with a presence in 60 countries and several awards. Member of the American Chamber of Commerce, the Arab-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce and registered in the highest global standards such as FDA and CPNP in Europe.

Complete Infrastructure
The main Professional Cosmetics producer in Latin America.
Our Headquarters

Sao Paulo World Trade Center
Av. das Nações Unidas, 12551, 17th Floor
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Mon - Fri, 8:30am - 10:30pm
Saturday, 8:30am - 10:30pm
Sunday, 8:30am - 10:30pm